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Where in Minnesota rules reflected, that no elevator work for PLT technicians?

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If I see a contractor doing work that is not licensed should I do something?

This is a moral dilemma for many. I look at it this way, If they are not Licensed they are probably not insured, they may or may not carry work comp, they may or may not have a bond to protect the customer. As a licensed contractor you carry all this and more, how much does that alone cost you? As a licensed contractor you take 16 hours every 2 years for each licensed Tech and have them off the street not making the company money, while attending class techs are usually getting paid, It costs money to take classes, not only for the class but the travel time, sometimes lodging and meals. Registered unlicensed need 2 hours per year the cost for time and travel also. Not to mention the License Fees the State gets. So should you report them? You decide.

How many hours of continuing education credits do I need? And how much needs to be electrical code.

If you are a licensed PLT you need 16 hours total every 2 years, a minimum of 4 hours must be code, 12 hours of either code, technical, or rules.  RT's only need 2 Hours of Code each year.

I am the only Licensed Tech working for my company, how many techs can be employed, and do work for that company, and am I responsible for all of them?

The answer is cumbersome but here goes, No limit to the number unless they are on a site that requires a personal license and then you must be there with them and you may supervise only three. Yes. You are responsible for all work performed by the registered unlicensed technicians whether you are with them on the job site or not.

How do I know if I am duplicating a class or not when registering for additional classes?

Certificates are handed out for every class. This is a State requirement, and the names and course numbers are on every certificate, keep them and review them before registering for additional classes during the same license period. There is also a CE Status to view in your personal license area of the state website that you can view at anytime. If you need help to find that area we would be more than happy to walk you thru it.  You can access your license information at this link: 

What is the size of the lettering required on my new truck?

Three inches high ½ inch wide, and they must be in a contrasting color to the vehicle color. The full lettering must be on both sides of the vehicle, front and back is optional.