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We are already near the mid-point in April and I continue to be at a loss for words after David Ledo’s passing on March 14th.  Dave was a friend and a big part of our company, and he continues to be missed.  We have received many messages of condolence from those that knew him as a friend or as an instructor.  We offer our profound thanks to all for your kind words and the many remembrances you have shared with us, and to those that have communicated with Dave’s wife Carol directly.  We are doing our best to cover the numerous classes he was scheduled to teach, but his passing left us with some serious challenges.

As usual, there are items that have come to our attention and we need to remind all that require classes to be mindful of.

So, how many hours of CE do I need and what do they need to be?  A licensed PLT needs a total of 16 hours. Of that 16 hours, a minimum of 4 hours must be on the National Electrical Code, with the remaining hours on the NEC, Laws and Rules, or technical topics.  Some appear to have the impression that 12 hours must cover technical topics, and that is not correct. 

Another question that has come up that has caused some issues is can excess hours any hours (additional hours over and above the initial 16 hours) be carried over to the next license renewal period?  The answer is no, they are not.  If you were short hours they will be applied to a previous license period.

Can I register for classes that are marked “no charge” on the schedule?  Some of our classes are conducted for private companies or organizations.  In some but not all cases, the company or organization will permit unused seats to be filled by "outsiders."  In such cases, you may register for the class but are then required to call our office and arrange payment with Roxann.

This month we have our quarterly PLT exam prep class and, once again, it is full.  Our next PLT exam prep class will be in July and considering the calls we are receiving from contractors it appears likely this class will be full.  We have also received inquiries from entities in North Dakota as 'technology' licensing has now been implemented.  Their licensing requirements are far less restrictive than those in Minnesota and the reciprocity to work in North Dakota should not be an issue after applying and paying the fee for the license.  This reciprocity is not bi-directional, however, and Minnesota contractor and personal licenses are required when working in Minnesota.  We are looking into doing a class for North Dakota licensing specifically, although nothing has been formalized as of yet.

We are now scheduling our contract classes for next year.  It is hard to believe we need to do so this far ahead of time.  In looking at the schedule I would like to remind everyone that you can and should take classes well before your license expiration date.  If we have learned nothing from the events of the last year we should all know how quickly things can change.  Between the pandemic and loss of an instructor we have been scrambling to fill the needs of everyone needing classes.  If at all possible, think about taking a class in the summer when classes are available both online and in person at Grand Stay Hotel (Running Aces horse track) near Forest Lake.  This venue has proven to be very popular with great classroom facilities, good food, and excellent accommodations for those staying over.

We will also be in Detroit Lakes, Brainerd, and St. Cloud; as well as our making our May trip to Sioux Falls, South Dakota with a full day of class on Monday, May 10th and a 2-hour class on Tuesday, May 11th.

Please review our website registration page for details on all classes, both on the calendar and by location, for a class that will meet your needs, both company wide and personally.  Links there will bring you to a specific event or location.

We have also provided a link to a list of cities that require a UL Certification for all fire alarm systems in the city.  This can be a useful resource for fire alarm installation companies.  Be aware of those cities when bidding and installing fire alarms.

One last item: we are asking for your help.  PLT Services needs another instructor who is well versed in the NEC and would enjoy teaching electrical code classes.  If you are interested, or someone you know is interested, I would very much like to hear from you.  Please give me a call so we can discuss needs and options.  We already have a few individuals that have expressed interest in helping out with some technical classes and eventually be able to teach the Code.

Once again, thank you all for taking time to read our monthly update and I apologize for getting out so late this month.

Thanks for reading and let’s keep the rubber side down.  

Dick Johnson