providing Minnesota CE training for AJ, AM, PLT, SSI and RT/RE/RM

Instructors Code: I1640697
PL Code: PL003811
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PLT License #: PL003811
street address: 18330 Loyola St NE
city: Columbus
state: Minnesota
zip: 55025
Dick JohnsonDick Johnson has been in the industry most of his working life.  As an Alarm and Communications contractor since 1985, and was very active in the implementation of the Technology Systems Contractors License, as well as the Power Limited Technician License. With the experience gained teaching in the Vocational School setting, it was a natural progression to begin teaching the continuing education classes required to renew the license. With his wife Roxann, Power Limited Training Services was started.  Electrical Code, Rules, along with alarm and communications are his favorite topics.