FIRST:  review the list of classes on the registration page of the website.  Make sure the class you choose does not duplicate a class you have already taken during the current license period. Register for the class online making sure you include your license or registration number accurately, also the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Second:  after registering you will receive a receipt in your email and this will include log in information for Citrix.  You MUST register as soon as possible, after that you will receive, in your email, an invitation to join the webinar, you will need this invite in order to log into the training session.  You will also receive information on testing your cameras, which is required, and your microphones, also required, do this before you need it in case you need to download additional software to make thing work.

Third:  you will receive a reminder 1 hour before class, that reminder will have your join link. At least 15 minutes prior to class be ready and click on the join button and you should be connected to the presenter and sit back and wait for the session to begin and watch everyone else log in.

Fourth: During class, be professional, your camera is being viewed by all other participant’s, don’t be picking your nose, laying in your bed in your pajamas, this is done in real time with real instructor watching you. Face the camera be attentive, answer the polling questions as they pop up, they are easy if you have been paying attention.  Stay in front of the camera limit the activity behind you; don’t be talking to others or on your cell phone while in class.  Treat it the way you would if you were in a classroom.

Fifth:  After the session is over complete the survey and return it as soon as you get it as you will not get credit until you do.  You will receive your certificate via email and that will confirm that the CEU’s have been entered into the states data base.

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