providing Minnesota CE training for AJ, AM, EL, EM, PLT, SSI and RT/RE/RM 
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About Our Webinar Classes

State CEU Certified Classes For the Power Limited Technicians and unlicensed registered.
All Classes start Promptly at the posted time, please logon 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  No one will be allowed to log in late.
You must have a working camera, microphone and speakers.  A headset with microphone with headset is strongly recommended.   You may login via telephone as an option for the audio portion only, but still need camera and computer.  Please check out your equipment ahead of time.  
Classes will be in 2 hour CEU Segments.  Be sure not to duplicate classes during your current license period.  
Register online and you will recieve an invite to attend the training session.  
All Classes start Promptly at the scheduled time 

For Equipment Testing “LogMe InTest Site” - Join the test session

"Please test your equipment before the day of class so your computer and equipment are working properly for class"

1. To test your connection, join the test session via

2. If you're on a desktop, you may need to download the LogMe In Online Launcher file for Windows or Mac to launch GoToTraining.

3. If you see a "Successfully Connected" message on the "Waiting for Organizer" dialog, you've successfully joined the test session. You should be able to join GoToMeeting, Go To Webinar and GoToTraining sessions from this computer. Close the "Waiting for Organizer" dialog to exit the test session.

To test or troubleshoot issues with your audio or webcam, contact LogMe In by phone 24/7. LogMe In Contact number is 1.888.646.0014,  but do not wait until the day of class.

If you're unable to join the session, you may not have all the necessary software. See Join Help for more troubleshooting tips, and make sure you have all the System Requirements

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