providing Minnesota CE training for AJ, AM, PLT, SSI and RT/RE/RM

Training for Minnesota AJ, AM, PLT, SSI and RT/RE/RM Technicians
Our classes are the most reasonable,cost effective classes you will find. PLT Services keeps a data base on all attendees, so we can help you not duplicate classes in the same renewal period.  But, you should still keep your certificates so you can keep track of your classes from license period to license period.

What does a full day cost? A full day is $185.00 Discounts apply for those who sign up for a second day when registering. Second day discount of $10 will apply if registration is done at the same time.

PLT SERVICES is a state approved Continuing Education training facility for the Power Limited Technician as well as Registered unlicensed techinicians, electricians, elevator contractors, and HVAC contractors.

Training is offered on a contract basis or through our regularly scheduled classes. Approval for all classes through the Department of Labor and Industry Construction Codes and Licensing Division.