providing Minnesota CE training for AJ, AM, PLT, SSI and RT/RE/RM

"Continuing Education Credit's For The AJ, AM, EL, EM, PLT, SSI and RT/RE/RM " or "PLT Prep Exam Classes"

Our classes are the most reasonable, cost effective classes you will find. PLT Services accesses a data base on all attendees, so we can try and help you not duplicate classes in the same renewal period.

What does a full day cost? $185.00, Discounts apply for those who sign up for a second day when registering. A second day discount will apply if registration is done at the same time.

PLT SERVICES is a state approved Continuing Education training facility for the Power Limited Technician as well as Registered Unlicensed, electricians, satellite installers and HVAC contractors.*

Training is offered on a contract basis or through our regularly scheduled classes. Approval for all classes through the Department of Labor and Industry Electrical Division. 

Classes are taught by Power Limited Technicians who actually work, or have worked in the field. Classes are relevant to the Power Limited Tech, not electricians. Classes are limited in size so you can ask the questions you need answers to. All of our regular instructors are Licensed Power Limited Technicians, and have a minimum of 28 years experience in their areas of expertise. PLT Services works with manufacturers, distributors, and dealers who have special talents they are willing to share. PLT Services has instructors available to us that train on specific subjects they are experts in. These classes are arranged special arrangements.

PLT services is a Department of Labor and Industry approved source for continuing education credits for the Power Limited Technician as well as other license holders in the electrical industry. PLT Services classes are designed to provide usable and valuable education not just fill chairs and take up your time. Our classes cover subjects that are important to the industry and enable the Power Limited contractor to expand there business. Required courses include National Electric Code based on the most current issue of the NEC Code book. The NEC Classes are specific to the areas of interest to the PLT and TSC Contractor.

PLT Services will come to you and provide classes to your entire company, allowing the contractor to save the cost of sending employees out of town to fulfill their CEU requirements. Our regularly scheduled classes are reasonably priced for the individual needing to renew their personal license.  These classes are done by special special arrangements.

Some of the Classes PLT Services Offers:

  • National Electrical Code Chapter 725 2020 and related Articles. This class covers Class 1,2,and 3 wiring and other specifically related issues.
  • National Electrical code Chapter 800 2020. This class covers communications wiring and specifications. These classes both meet the 2 hour CEU minimum renewal requirement.
  • NEC and The PLT, This Class covers the National Electrical Code and how it relates to the PLT. This meets 4 CEU Minimum Hours OTHER TECHNICAL CLASSES MN Rules 2020. 
  • Introduction to Fire Alarm Systems. Low Voltage Wiring with a residential emphasis.


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